English-Vietnamese Dictionary
◊bias /'baiзs/
▫ danh từ
▪ độ xiên, dốc, nghiêng
▪ đường chéo
◦ to cut on the bias cắt chéo (vải)
▪ (nghĩa bóng) khuynh hướng, sự thiên về; thành kiến
◦ to have a bias in favour of something có khuynh hướng thiên về cái gì
◦ to bias towards someone thiên vị đối với ai
◦ to have a bias against someone thành kiến đối với ai
▪ (vật lý) thế hiệu dịch
◦ automatic bias thế hiệu dịch tự động
▫ phó từ
▪ xiên, nghiêng
▪ chéo theo đường chéo
▫ ngoại động từ
▪ hướng
◦ to the opinions of the people hướng dư luận của quần chúng
▪ gây thành kiến
◦ to be bias (s)ed against somebody có thành kiến đối với ai
▪ ảnh hưởng đến (thường là xấu)
English Dictionary
adj : slanting diagonally across the grain of a fabric; "a bias
n 1: a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an
issue or situation [syn: {prejudice}]
2: a straight line that is not at right angles to a side [syn:
v 1: give a bias to, as in a race
2: cause to be biased [syn: {predetermine}]
 iambic  iambus  iapetus  ib.  iberia 
English Computing Dictionary
The first modern computer. It had main
{registers}, processing circuits, information paths within the
{central processing unit} and used {Von Neumann}'s
{fetch-execute cycle}.
The IAS machine's basic unit of information was a 40 bit
{word} and the memory had 4096 words. A word stored in memory
could represent either an instruction or data. Each IAS
instruction was twenty bits long, so that two instructions
could be stored in each 40-bit memory location. Each
instruction consisted of an 8-bit {operation code} and a
12-bit address that could identify any of 2^12 locations that
may be used to store an {operand} of the instruction.
The {CPU} consisted of a data processing unit and a program
control unit. It contained various processing and control
circuits along with a set of high-speed {registers} for the
temporary storage of instructions, memory addresses and data.
The main actions specified by instructions were performed by
the arithmetic-logic circuits of the data processing unit. An
electronic clock circuit was used to generate the signals
needed to synchronise the operation of the different parts of
the system.
 iap  iar  ias  iaw  ibex 
French-Vietnamese Dictionary
▫ danh từ giống đực
▪ (địa chất, địa lý) bậc liat
 i  iambe  iambe  ibère  ibérique