English-Vietnamese Dictionary
◊injection /in'dЗek∫n/
▫ danh từ
▪ sự tiêm
▪ chất tiêm, thuốc tiêm
▪ mũi tiêm, phát tiêm
▪ (kỹ thuật) sự phun
▪ (toán học) phép nội xạ
English Dictionary
n 1: the forceful insertion of a substance under pressure
2: any solution that is injected (as into the skin) [syn: {injectant}]
3: the act of putting a liquid into the body by means of a
syringe; "the nurse gave him a flu shot" [syn: {shot}]
English-Vietnamese Mining Dictionary
sự bơm, sự tiêm, sự phụt, sự phun
English-Vietnamese Water Dictionary
◊ in'dʒek∫n
∆ danh từ
▪ sự phun vào
English Computing Dictionary
1. A {function}, f : A -> B, is injective or
one-one, or is an injection, if and only if
for all a,b in A, f(a) ◦ f(b) ◦> a ◦ b.
I.e. no two different inputs give the same output (contrast
many-to-one). This is sometimes called an embedding. Only
injective functions have left inverses f' where f'(f(x)) ◦ x,
since if f were not an injection, there would be elements of B
for which the value of f' was not unique. If an injective
function is also a {surjection} then is it a {bijection}.
2. An injection function is one which takes
objects of type T and returns objects of type C(T) where C is
some {type constructor}. An example is
f x ◦ (x, 0).
The opposite of an injection function is a {projection}
function which extracts a component of a constructed object,
fst (x,y) ◦ x.
We say that f injects its argument into the data type and fst
projects it out.
French-Vietnamese Dictionary
▫ danh từ giống cái
▪ sự tiêm, sự thụt, sự phụt, nước tiêm, nước thụt
◦ Injection de novocaïne sự tiêm novocain
◦ Injection de ciment dans un ouvrage sự phụt xi măng vào một công trình
▪ (địa lý; địa chất) sự tiêm nhập
German-Vietnamese Dictionary
◊die Injektion
▪ {injection} sự tiêm, chất tiêm, thuốc tiêm, mũi tiêm, phát tiêm, sự phun, phép nội xạ
◦ die Injektion (Medizin) {jab}